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Purr-Aid 2021 Vinyl Stickers


Purr-Aid 2021
Fundraising Campaign
Vinyl Stickers – 4″ / 10cm approx.

Design by Ink and Black

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Purr-Aid 2021 white vinyl stickers featuring black character designs including ‘Liam Miaowllagher’, ‘MCR Pride’, ‘RSPCA MCR’, ‘Emmewline Pankhurst’, ‘Lemn Kittay’ and ‘Alan Pawtridge’. Our Purr-Aid 2021 fundraising campaign is celebrating all things Manchester! Music lovers, poetry fans, TV buffs and budding feminists are all accounted for, so buy one to express your interests or the whole bunch if you can’t decide which one you like best (we won’t judge).

All proceeds go to RSPCA Manchester & Salford Branch

Measurement – 4″ / 10cm approx.

Design by Ink and Black

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Alan Pawtridge, Emmewline Pankhurst, Lemn Kittay, Liam Miaowllagher, MCR Pride, RSPCA MCR