Our Mission Statement

Chapter Six: Online Charity Shop is an exciting new project which has been brought to life by the retail team at the RSPCA Manchester and Salford Branch (UK). Our aim is to utilise our passion and expertise for fundraising in our charity shops, and expand what we do into the world of online retail.

Our vision

Chapter Six has developed from a commitment to animal welfare, raising funds to rehabilitate animals and a love for sustainable fashion. As the world of retail changes we want to reach our customers in a new way and also reach out to new customers who may be based further afield than Manchester. In buying an item from Chapter Six, our customers can be happy knowing that the proceeds will pay for a medical bill or buy food for an animal in need. 

Creating a shopping experience that is kinder to the environment is incredibly important to us. Being eco-friendly is a part of all we do, starting with our stock – by selling preloved, second-hand items we are cutting out the waste that comes from buying and selling new goods. We also receive all of our stock on a local donation basis, meaning that no harmful emissions are being created by flying stock around the world.

Our eco-friendly credentials don’t stop there, we are taking steps to ensure even our packaging is kinder to the planet. We source recycled packaging as much as possible, and we also encourage our customers and followers to donate used packaging to us. By reusing packaging provided to us, we can continue to increase profits for our animals, whilst also being as sustainable as possible.

In general moving some of our retail online means that we can maximise the value of our stock by selling to a wider customer base, whilst keeping our costs down – this will ensure that as much money as possible goes towards the animals in our care, which is our ultimate aim. 

Our community

From the truly positive experiences we have on a weekly basis in our Manchester shops, we know that the community spirit of these charity shops is one of the best parts of what we do. We would hope to continue this community spirit in Chapter Six – but reaching an even wider, nationwide audience.

Newly established Chapter Six social media channels will spark this spirit online, the Chapter Six website will also include blog and video posts. Our customers will be key to this community spirit – because without our customers there is no us. We plan to host a style gallery depicting how our customers have brought their Chapter Six buys to life, we hope to document unique finds, from kitsch kitchenware to your new favourite book. As you, our customers, have supported us and our endeavours, we will support you through our Chapter Six community.

Our customers

Preloved shopping is truly inclusive. We cater for humans from all walks of life, outlooks and ideals. Whether you’re a thrift shop addict committed to finding that perfect bargain, or someone looking to experiment with a new style that won’t cost a fortune, or someone who now prefers to shop from home, or simply someone who is trying to do their part for the planet – Chapter Six is for you! If the only thing our customers seem to have in common is shopping with us, then we’ll know we’re on the right path, because here at Chapter Six no two are alike, whether it’s our customers, our charity shop finds, or the much-loved animals in our care.